Growing Trees in Pots: Tips for Miniature Trees

Growing Trees in Pots: Tips for Miniature Trees

Three Tree Stump Removal Methods You Should Consider

by Julius Manninen

Tree stumps can breed pests and can cause issues with your landscape and curb appeal. This may lead you to having the tree stumps removed. If this is your first time doing a tree stump removal, there are a few options available that you need to consider. Here are your main options and what you need to know about each one.

Chemical Removal

One of the common options is to use a form of chemical to breakdown the stump for removal. You can purchase these chemicals at most home improvement and gardening stores. The key point to remember with a chemical removal is that it is a slow process. You will need to drill holes into the stump and around the stump area. The holes are filled with the chemical you choose to breakdown the stump over time. This doesn't kill it completely, but it does help it decompose faster than natural methods, which leads to easier removal.

Burn Removal

If you want to remove the stump as soon as possible, you may want to consider a burn method. This is an ideal method if you want to make it a weekend project with a bonfire for friends and family to enjoy. The process is very straightforward and only requires burning the stump itself by setting it on fire and letting the fire smolder and slow burn. Once it is burned, the ashes can be removed and the hole filled in. You will need to check with the burn guidelines in your area and if there are any restrictions or special permits you will need. Permits may need to come from the local fire department authority and may require a wait time for approval.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an option that uses a stump grinding tool to break down the tree stump and any connected roots that may be showing. The process is similar to sanding or drilling, or a combination of both. This method is ideal for larger stumps that may be more difficult to remove, due to root growth. If you do choose this method, you may want to consider having a tree service handle this for you. This is something they can do easily and within a matter of a few hours. They can also offer you the option of mulch for your yard that way none of the tree stump really goes to waste.

If you are ready to move forward with stump removal, the first step should be to have it inspected. You can have a tree stump removal consultation performed by a tree service. This consultation will allow you to determine the best method available to you and if there is anything you need to consider, like roots that may have grown around pipes or underground wiring. 


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Growing Trees in Pots: Tips for Miniature Trees

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