Growing Trees in Pots: Tips for Miniature Trees

Growing Trees in Pots: Tips for Miniature Trees

Preparing Trees For Extreme Weather

by Julius Manninen

Violent winds and extreme storms result in tremendous destruction of trees. And since many properties have trees, the chain of damage ripples on. Houses, fences and even vehicles are usually damaged as a result of falling trees. That's why you need to ensure that you take good care of the trees on your property. If you live in an area with storms, then here are some of the most effective tree management tips you need to have.

Maintain the Surrounding Trees

One of the best ways of protecting your property from such a storm is to ensure that your trees are growing as they should. Ensure you remove any overgrown or decaying branches that may cause harm. You could also have an arborist visit your property. They could easily locate any dangers that the trees could have in your property. Some trees may appear to be okay, but there may be serious damage to the root ball. Get rid of such trees to prevent them from crashing onto your fence or home. Poorly positioned trees also have to be removed.

Pruning Works

When pruning, it's important to pay close attention to the branch/ trunk sizes. The lateral (side) branches have a huge effect on the strength of the overall branch. Keep them within ½ to ¾ of the trunk diameter when pruning. That way, you'll be assured of having a strong tree that has a lesser probability of falling.

Also keep the angles between the branches wide. Tree branches that grow too close to each other don't have enough space, and they normally grow against each other. This creates a very weak joint that easily breaks when a storm hits.

Know a Tree Service Company

Getting well acquainted with a tree service company would come in handy when handling the effects of a storm. During such times, these companies are overwhelmed with work. They first prioritise on their clients, so it may take longer if you're not one. In addition, knowing a tree service company would get you in a better position to know their rates and exactly who to call, which will in turn speed up their response times.  

Keep Records

Ensure you've got the records of all the inspections you've been performing on your trees and maintenance practices. In case your trees damage someone else's property, you'll be able to defend yourself. The records would be evidence that you've been taking good care of your trees. 


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Growing Trees in Pots: Tips for Miniature Trees

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