Growing Trees in Pots: Tips for Miniature Trees

Growing Trees in Pots: Tips for Miniature Trees

What to Do If Your Tree Is Too Big for Your Yard

by Julius Manninen

Trees bring so many benefits to so many yards throughout Australia, especially during the hot summers of recent times. But, sometimes, they can grow too big for the space they inhabit. When that happens, landscaping becomes more difficult, and adding home extensions or decking to your property may not be possible.

So what can you do? Fortunately, if you have no other choice but to go through your tree to complete your home project, then you have several courses of action from which to choose.

Cut Away Aggressive Roots

If the main problem you have is with your tree's root system, then you could opt to cut the roots that are preventing you from carrying out landscaping or renovation projects. However, you need to bear in mind that urban trees have much less space to grow than rural trees. As a result, there is less space for their roots to grow into.

When a tree's roots don't have enough room, they often grow up out of the ground, disturbing lawns and making a mess of nearby pavements and paths. These roots are responsible for anchoring the tree in place, as well as for feeding it. Therefore, you need to be very careful when cutting your tree's roots.

Because this is such a delicate procedure that could kill your tree, hire an arborist instead of doing this job yourself.

Trim Your Tree's Branches

There are many ways to trim the branches of a tree. You could trim from the ground up and free up space under the tree. You can also create openings within a tree's canopy should you want to let more light in, for example. However, you should never remove more than 25% of a tree's canopy. Doing so could damage the tree's ability to feed itself. It could then die.

This is also a job best left to the experts.

Remove the Tree

Removing a mature tree is a big project. It also often requires the permission of your local council. Certain tree species are protected throughout Australia—for example, Australian-native trees. Moreover, in some states, you need to seek permission to remove trees that meet certain criteria, such as trees that are over 12 metres tall, or trees that have a canopy that is over 12 metres wide.

As a result, if you choose to remove your tree to make room for an improvement on your property, it is best to hire a tree removal service before proceeding. With the help of a reputable tree removal company, you can obtain the necessary permission from your local council. Moreover, you can also ensure that your tree doesn't fall and damage your property during the removal process.

Is your tree too big for your yard? Hire a professional tree removal service to tackle both the paperwork and the hands-on work to ensure you can get started quickly on any home or yard projects you have planned.


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Growing Trees in Pots: Tips for Miniature Trees

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